August 31, 2021

Native and locally-made home decor from Kultura

The Philippines is a melting pot of culture, artistry, and ingenuity which can also be found in home furniture and decoration. From all parts of the country from North to South, Filipino's hard work and creativity are manifested.

Handcrafted baskets by the local artisans of Bicol and La Union… elegant dinnerware by the master woodworkers of Pampanga… and exquisite nito baskets that celebrate the unique art form of the Mangyan of Mindoro.

Gifts from Philippine fields and forests- bamboo, acacia, abaca, rattan, and nito - are transformed into creative pieces in Kultura’s latest houseware collection, adding warmth and lightness to your home décor.

This comes at a time when natural materials like rattan and wicker are having their moment as a major interior design trend. And innovative global furniture companies are reinventing these in new ways – think IKEA’s rattan pouf, West Elm’s luxurious accent chairs, H&M’s bounty of baskets. Suddenly, homespun is hot, folklore is fun, traditional is trending, and rustic makes raves.

Get ready to weave Kultura’s natural wonders into your home.

With their intricate weaves, textures, and natural beauty, Kultura’s multi-functional baskets will elevate any space. Whether used as storage solutions, planters, and décor, these baskets’ neutral colors can easily blend and will add warmth to any space.


Stylish acacia wood dining accessories, on the other hand, make your tables more inviting. Handcrafted trays made out of coco wood, capiz, and mahogany also highlight great entertaining with style.

There are also gifts from our coastal waters - hanging seagrass accents that can be used as pendant lights for your dining area. Flourishing in underwater meadows that resemble grassy fields, seagrass, or water hyacinth has an artisanal aesthetic and have been trending because of their durability.

Let's Support Local together! Kultura’s products for the home are handcrafted by artisanal communities all over the Philippines. Customers can now buy these well-loved home items without needing to travel to these places. Help preserve crafts and traditions and sustain these communities by providing them with opportunities for livelihood.

The Home Collection is available at Kultura Stores. You can also shop thru our website: or thru Call to Deliver 0917-5174096. Kultura ships here and abroad.

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