August 21, 2021

MOVIE REVIEW - Reminiscence

Warner Bros. Pictures new sci-fi and crime movie gives a subtle message on the effects of climate change with an inception case going on. Reminiscence stars Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson.

Hugh Jackman is Nick Bannister, a mind investigator who looks on the memories of his clients. He is being challenged by his new client (Rebecca Ferguson). A simple case becomes an obsession after she disappears and he fights to learn the truth about her.

In a world getting submerged under the water due to the effects of climate change, there would be new opportunities grabbed by the rich. In Nick Bannister's technology, the memories become of high value as these become new evidence of crimes. It also has become a person's prized possession to review again and again to feel the memories.

While the movie concept is nice and the storyline is just light, I think there is something lacking that will glue you into it. It didn't have to be the police or whatnot, but solving the crime that transpires is already okay. Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson's reunion brings you back to The Greatest Showman with that irky feeling and expectation that they'll sing again -- at least for Ms. Ferguson.

Reminiscence is already playing in theaters in the US and you can also access it in HBO Max.

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