July 13, 2021

Growing up is a beast in Turning Red

Disney and Pixar won't leave us without a movie this 2021. They'd just released a teaser trailer of a new animated movie that talks about teenage life in Turning Red. But the catch is that "growing up is a beast."
The story is about Meilin Lee, an average Asian student and very human when calm and then transforms as a red panda while being stressed or when she's having a panic attack. Watch the trailer below.

For now, her mother only knows her secret. What would be the consequences when everybody in school and her community finds out? Aside from the battles in life that's already scary, being an animal as an alter ego would be another disaster.

The film is the latest from Domee Shi, who won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 2018 with her Pixar-backed “Bao.” Coming to theaters in March 2022.

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