June 23, 2021

MOVIE REVIEW - Those Who Wish Me Dead

Warner Bros. Pictures' latest suspense action movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead, sets out Angelina Jolie's motherly character and also teaches us some ways of survival in dangers caused by mankind.

Connor (Finn Little) and Hannah (Angelina Jolie) 

As a forest survival expert, Hannah (Jolie) still copes up from the loss of friends from a forest fire tragedy happened a year ago, then a teenage boy Connor (Finn Little) gets himself lost in the woods to find a person who can trust to solve the murder of his father by assassins Jack (Aidan Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult). Hannah and Connor needs to deliver a message to expose a big time syndicate which the latter's father has discovered. Protecting Connor became Hannah's primary mission along with escaping from the murderers themselves, but also from a Montana forest fire threatening to consume them all.

Jack (Aiden Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult)

Those Who Wish Me Dead did not subtly laid out lots of tricks on how to survive. It really thought us how to escape death - from the air, on land or even underwater. Angelina's character Hannah is tough and affectionate on her connection with Connor and it somewhat released her from desperation from the past tragic incident. You'll really hate Jack and Patrick but I think they're being too exposed to be the assassin.

It is now streaming on HBO Max.

*Images: Warner Bros. Pictures

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