May 20, 2021

Team Kramer trusts Gumtect for oral health

The extreme weather calls us to drink the most refreshing cool drink. We even have the tendency to eat as much as we can because of the pandemic as we are all staying at home. We indulge on our favorite foods, warm, cool, sweet or anything that will satisfy our cravings. But have you thought of what it does in our mouth? We may not know it but it really has a great effect on our gums and teeth. Sudden change in temperature of what we eat or drink may cause deterioration of our teeth's enamel that may cause sensitivity or pangingilo and even to our gums resulting to excruciating pain. These are the main concerns raised in the latest forum held on May 20.

Team Kramer, Doug and Chesca, experiences the same problems like us if we don't take care of our teeth and gums. This was addressed by the President of Philippine Society of Periodontology, Dr. JV Jaurigue, in the said forum. He said that our satisfying habits really might cause discomfort if we are not aware to properly take care of our teeth and gums. 

Doug and Chesca Kramer, Dr. JV Jaurigue and Justin Quirino (host)

He advised that regular brushing, or every after meal, using a specialized toothpaste can help fight teeth sensitivity. He suggests using Gumtect, with Dynamic Desensitizing System to relief pains and strengthen teeth and gums.

Gumtect is made by Lamoiyan Corporation, the manufacturer of Filipino-friendly personal and homecare brands. It is trusted and approved by the Philippine Dental Association as partner for oral wellness.

It also comes with a mouthwash to better oral strength and protection against gum disease. You can focus on tooth sensitivity or gum care in these 2 variants. Gumtect is available in supermarkets, wellness stores, and online through Watsons, Shopee and more.


Take fast relief on pangingilo and gum disease. Choose Gumtect and take care of your oral health all day.

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