May 28, 2021


Fashion, depression, competition and revenge are very distinguished in the 101 Dalmatians rip off movie Cruella, starring Emma StoneEmma Thompson, Mark Strong and more.

Cruella's backstory begins in her childhood and established why she became brilliant, bad and a little bit mad. An orphaned girl who started a dream finds herself living it and then becoming her idol's worst enemy and competition. Avant-garde designs are a feast to the eyes, the soundtrack that transports you to the 70s and unexpected twists that makes it more interesting every time. The necessary elements in self-branding and PR stitched into a drawing story gets you sewn into the story making it dark but fabulous.

Emma Stone as Cruella

If you've seen the original 101 Dalmatians story, Cruella pays tribute to it by providing Easter eggs that are very familiar to it. It also provides prologues on what happened in the said animation story like how she met the Darlings, her sidekicks Jasper and Horace and how she came into fascination with dogs. Note that she doesn't kill.

Overall, it is quite an enjoyable movie. Stay until the mid-credits too. Cruella is now streaming on Disney+.

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