April 21, 2021

Meet your hosts for the 69th Miss Universe

Fresh off the press: Mario Lopez and Olivia Culpo will host the 69th Miss Universe beauty pageant happening this May 16 in the Las Vegas (May 17 in the Philippines)
TV Host Mario Lopez also hosted the competition in 2007 when Olivia Culpo also won as Miss Universe in 2012. We're wondering how they will conduct the pageant in the age of social distancing and Covid-free set up.
Mario Lopez
Olivia Culpo

Are you thinking what happened to Steve Harvey? Steve respectfully answered to this announcement as people are clamoring about his absence.

Steve Harvey's statement on hosting the 69th Miss Universe pageant

I think that since he is in his senior, it would be just alright for him to take extra precautions to be safe from the coronavirus. However, his fun character and hosting will be anticipated in the 70th Miss Universe pageant.

The Philippines is rooting for Rabiya Mateo, our official candidate, to take home the crown! We wish her luck. Vote for your favorite candidates at the Miss Universe app. To vote for Rabiya in the Philippines, go to the Lazada.
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