January 10, 2020

CATS the Movie (2019) review

CATS the movie (2019) would be getting a lot of bad reviews right now but to be fair with Tom Hooper and the ensembles and crew that made this musical movie to the big screen, I think it is not so bad. In fact, for a musical that has been very mysterious to me even if I watched it in theater, the movie is a good help to understand its plot. For those who are looking for a storyline behind this celebrated Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, the feline treat is yours to love or hate.
Taylor Swift as Bombalurina in CATS
For the set design, this one offered more to visualize what's going on, from the dumps to the human jungle as where a cat would dwell. An affordable treat for everyone who can't see it in live theater.
Cats is an imperfect movie and there are lots of changes that was lifted from the musical to give a different Cats experience. Non-fans and first-timers may not fully understand it with their complex and uber poetic names that's why "The Naming of Cats" was sung. Let's wait if there's a sing-along version. 😉
The ensemble is no question very talented and the body flexibility is very noticeable. Especially Francesca Hayward whose ballet dancing skills were amazing. You'll have fun with the dance spectacle until the Jellicle Ball.
Francesca Hayward as Victoria in CATS
While Cats features James Corden (Bustopher Jones) and Rebel Wilson (Jennyanydots), their roles were almost forgettable and you can just move fast for the next number. But then Jason Derulo as Rum Tug Tugger was eating his words for the song. They changed Old Deuteronomy! Judi Dench gave the matriarchal appeal for Old Deut but try to research on a certain "back story" and what it implies, you'll begin to ask Tom Hooper a big "WHY?"

Costumes are okay but I hoped that they had completely taken advantage of the CGI time and listened to the critics when their trailer first appeared. Fingers and fingers everywhere when you could have expected furry paws. They missed the noses. The Jellicle Moon appears and the cats tails were like something that a kid should not see. Then Idris Elba's Macavity especially when he strips his coat (was he wearing another cat's fur?) leaves me out of words to say. Sometimes I can see seams from their costumes which could have been avoided. 😩

Jennifer Hudson's Grizabella and Memory were ok but I think went too much over the top. They didn't even gave her a tissue for wiping but I really felt her. There are some awkward shots that makes her head a little smaller.
Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella in CATS
I guess that Cats deserves our opinions but I suggest that you do your research first or watch the clips from YT. Now showing in theaters and bring your family to the Jellicle Ball.

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