September 8, 2019

IT CHAPTER 2 movie review

The Losers Club is back in Derry in Stephen King's It: Chapter Two are about to bring us the creeps from childhood and bring them back in a more terrifying way.
In 27 years, every one has separated and moved on with their lives to forget the horrific clown. However, Mike has summoned them back as more persons go missing and Pennywise (Bill Skarsgaard) might return soon. This has started when a man was disbodied after he was tortured by a bunch of homophobic boys at the beginning of the movie.

Now back to the Losers. It's amazing to see that they had huge resemblances to their adult selves. And to know that every child has specifically pointed who will portray them in It: Chapter Two is uncanny. Bev grew up to be Jessica Chastain, Bill to James McAvoy, Richie to Bill Hader, Mike to Isaiah Mustafa, Ben to Jay Ryan (some coin him as Ben Handsome), Eddie to James Ransone, and Stanley to Andy Bean. You can find the perfect casting in the adult versions of the Losers Club.
Isaiah Mustafa, Bill Hader, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan for It: Chapter 2
If you've seen the first trailer of It: Chapter Two where Bev returns to her old home and met an old lady named Mrs Kersh, there are more horrors in store for each member of the Losers as they all went back to remember their childhood days in Derry. There are also a lot of Easter Eggs that you might discover especially when you've read the book which has more details of scary stuff. I was actually covering under the sheet, thanks to my seatmate who offered to share his blanket so I can cover, aside from that the Powerplant Cinema is cold.
Easter eggs and a good cameo would not be enough for It fans especially if they read the book. But if you're in for Pennywise's evil laugh and sharp teeth and some mystery findings, you'll enjoy this flick that's playing in theaters now. It's a 3-hour horror ride so you better pee before anything else.

It: Chapter Two is based on Stephen King's novel and directed by Andy Muschietti under Warner Bros. Pictures.

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