November 15, 2018


Following the Fantastic Beasts franchise is the Crimes of Grindelwald opening today in cinemas.
The movie itself it a visual spectacle and if you see in IMAX, there are some elements that amazingly float from the aspec ratio of the screen. It gives you a larger-than-life visual of than the other films in the universe created by JK Rowling. The imagery and special effects are quite remarkable for Fantastic Beasts 2.

We again meet Newt's friendly beasts and introduced to new ones that made it more magical. The water horse was grand and the Chinese dragon dog was enchanting but dangerous. It is also amazing to know the origins of Nagini and how she came connected to the story and how she is rather good than evil in the Harry Potter movies is quite interesting.
However, the story has a lot of plots which I think made The Crimes of Grindelwald very complicated. I also got confused and need to check all Wizarding World references but following the story while watching it is easy for me. Good thing they provided origin stories that will assist yo us why the characters appear as they are. There are also unexpected rise and fall of emotions makes you think if you want it to be part even.
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second of 5 movies in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Check it in a cinema near you today.

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