March 18, 2018

TOMB RAIDER movie review

Alicia Vikander's Tomb Raider is a confident take on the franchise and made us forget the previous versions of it.
This fresh take on the video game is exciting given that Alicia Vikander is not before seen in previous projects. As Lara Croft, the young heroine can get her hands dirty and makes a strong mark for today's viewers.
However, we can see a few loopholes that spoiled the excitement about Tomb Raider. It missed how she was raised by her own father to become a smart lass that can solve puzzles from the crypt and how she acquired the skill for being a master solver. The reboot had a few flashbacks in it but doesn't justify how Lara became so smart, we could only accept that maybe it's innate intelligence. We're also wondering how can she beat up boys when she was beaten at a grappling match at the early half of the movie. I think her skills could have been more established more so we have a good character build for Alicia Vikander aka Lara Croft. Can't say much to Daniel Wu's character because he didn't do much aside from lending a boat and taking Lara Croft to the Devil's Sea.
But the adventures of Lara Croft do not disappoint because she may be more efficient in an isolated place. She had done so well at island where she finds her father and her strengths bloomed. Some shots are done close to the video game, I remember on scene where it looks like Temple Run. ;) I think with the developments and maybe if Warner Bros. could take the points above, Tomb Raider deserve a sequel as could have promised at the end.

Tomb Raider is now showing in cinemas. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures (Philippines)

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