January 6, 2018

FERDINAND movie review

Though it's the Year of the Dog, FERDINAND the Gentle Bull is the most adorable animal to open 2018. Bring your kids to this funny and family-friendly animated feature that will help them understand that it is not what your environment perceive you to be but it is really what you exude from the inside.
I never knew that John Cena's voice would be as gentle as Ferdinand the bull as it made him perfect to voice out the character. The movie includes a lot of funny moments that the whole family would enjoy. It would take you to a journey of the individual and put you to an emotional roller coaster that is light to the heart.

This is not a boring movie, actually. Let out the child in you and cherish every moment while watching it. I enjoyed most the dance-off between the horses and the bulls that is totally hilarious. Some scenes may be predictable but overall, bringing the kids to watch it is worth it. Don't forget to stay a little longer during the credits as it may hint for a part 2, I hope.
Ferdinand is now showing in cinemas, distributed by 20th Century Fox (Philippines).

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