December 28, 2017

Eugene Domingo is back in theater with 'night, Mother.

TV and movie actress Eugene Domingo comes back to her first love as a theater actress in PETA's 50th anniversary season-ender, 'night, Mother alongside Sherry Lara. 'night, Mother is a play by American playwright Marsha Norman and adapted by Ian Lomongo. Melvin Lee directs the PETA version and will be playing at the PETA Theater from February 2 to March 18, 2018. The play won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play.
'night, Mother opens up certain issues that were not being discussed within the walls of the family that we had normally forgotten. In a 10-minute excerpt that was presented to the press last December 6, it seems that even mother and daughter Jessie (Eugene Domingo) and Thelma (Sherry Lara) doesn't even know the person they are talking to. A very dangerous and sad reality happening among families not just from the country where the play was adapted but also here in the country.
It talks about different topics like mental health, family issues, and more. Eugene remembers when she first did this play when in Dulaang UP where she played as Thelma. As an open book to every one around her, she makes it sure that she and every one has someone to talk to, to talk about issues in life or even just to let the person know that there's someone beside him or her. Like her, we should also be having deep conversations with the people around us.

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