October 20, 2017

THOR Ragnarok movie review

Thor Ragnarok is the best Thor movie to date as I really enjoyed it from start to finish. As it plays on Thor's relationships with different characters, less Jane Foster, the accounts on family, friendship, "coworker" and acquaintances deliver more laughs and excitement on following how Thor saves his people and legacy.
Cate Blanchett gives an amazing entrance and backstory that amazed me. Hela's moves are the best yet for a villain part and I love her flawlessness. I love that they chose Cate Blanchett in this role and she did it very, very well.
I am also very excited about Hulk/Bruce Banner as he is already able to control his actions in Thor Ragnarok. Containing the same weakness he left in Age of Ultron, you will like him like a baby and that's very funny for all of us.
Thor Ragnarok having Jeff Goldblum and the citizens in the universal dumpster is quite funny for a morbid Grandmaster and still be very chill on the way he talks and acts. Same as Korg and Surtur who appear to be easily manipulated by the others but strong and powerful.

The movie also knows how to give grand entrances.
Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson

New Thor
For MCU followers, Thor Ragnarok gives fair story telling of the characters' pasts and how each redeem themselves in the process. I am waiting for other posts to get into the Easter eggs and I leave you an advise that you have to stay for two end credits scenes.

Thor Ragnarok opens in Philippines on October 25, distributed by Columbia Pictures International.

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