September 20, 2017

mother! movie review

When you talk about Darren Aronofsky's mother!, it requires different levels of understanding. It may be very confusing whether you'll interpret its context as how you've seen it or how you can assert it with deeper meanings. You may see it as pretty effed up movie but here are my takeaways for mother!:
You can be as paranoid as mother (Jennifer Lawrence) in protecting her belongings, in this case, her home. Who would like to let someone in their homes, take advantage of their belongings and bring in more over which you did not know? She can barely speak up and complain and take all control of everything but then she is always ignored.

You may see it and then question yourself why did you even watch this movie? There is a lot happening and elements which you cannot understand. Maybe the reason for it is just you just like to see a Jennifer Lawrence movie, which I can vouch that she acted very well here. Almost 2 hours you'll have extreme close ups of Jennifer Lawrence here.
Javier Bardem's character is also very confusing and maybe you'll hate him for why he allows things. Basically all the others can be hated in such a manner that you yourself would throw them out.

Or you can be a scholar to see that this is a retelling of a very familiar story. You have to see this to find out and I can discuss this with you.

mother! is showing in cinemas today.

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