August 29, 2017


Climate Warrior and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore's sequel to the Oscar Winner "An Inconvenient Truth" gives an update on the world's status and it is quite alarming for all of us how we just all ignore the circumstances of our actions. Know more about how your right to suffrage can also affect Climate Change in "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" when it plays in Ayala Cinemas, Trinoma and Glorietta on August 30.
Imagine how the ice caps are melting rapidly and how it's so sad that some of the world's leaders are ignoring the bigger problem and support conventional industrialization that harm our atmosphere. The presentation of statistics is very alarming and all of us seem to ignore until we are fully affected by calamities. He has made a point that when the Earth's atmosphere warms up, it is subject to greater effects and problems that we will soon experience.
Like how we will experience more absurd atmospheric conditions, precipitation and even the outbreak of new diseases that we are not prepared to. He amazingly linked the Climate Change to the problems on-ground like drought of crop lands that can lead to famine and unnecessary migration. Note of the incidents of flooding in Miami, Typhoon Haiyan, Indian Civil War and Syria and more. Most of us can't see the link but reality is the implications are always targeting the poor.

But at the second half of the movie, he gives us hope. His advocacy has advanced to the Paris Agreement this year and hopefully our world leaders can spearhead many eco-friendly programs and increase sustainable energy sources so that we can shift to a better world.
We need to take action that will start individually, affecting or communities and going to the larger scale bit by bit. This movie is a great eye opener and tool for information that will teach us how we will be of help for the environment.

If you like to conduct private screenings of "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power" in your communities, you may contact your local Climate Change Warriors.

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