June 30, 2017

a backstage tour of #SisterActinManila

One of my favorite movies from the 90s is Sister Act and its Broadway musical production is touring right now. They are playing at Solaire Resort from June 27 up to July 9 at The Theatre. I was lucky to get a backstage tour with the Production Manager as we looked on the works of staging this great musical.

We enter The Theater and the 16-foot image of the Virgin Mary welcomes us as the background of the Church of the Queen of Angels. She is transported by ship travelling around the world. The hollow material makes it easier to carry and the movable at the base but she is in one piece and rests on a hammock inside a ship.

At the left of the stage is the audio controlling area where the lapels, sound system, and all audio works are controlled. Then beside it is a props box where items can easily be grabbed or a bottle of water is available if the cast needs a little refreshment or to wet their throats.

On the right side of the stage sits the console where the Program Manager oversees all that's what's going onstage whether to give good lighting and to see what's happening when the lights go down during transition scenes.

Then we moved at the back of the stage and found the bright costumes and there are around 300 pieces of costume throughout the show. I wonder how they maintain all clothes when they perform every day?

Here are also some finds in the backstage:

Thank you Ovation Productions for the experience. You can catch Sister Act, the Glorious Broadway Musical at The Theatre in Solaire until July 9. For tickets, you may visit www.ticketworld.com.

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