April 8, 2017

BOSS BABY movie review

This is the cutest thing that you'll have this Easter. Alec Baldwin voices the cute Boss Baby which opens April 15. I guarantee that the movie will have tons of cuteness that you will enjoy from start to finish.
It was an adorable sight to see lots of babies and do corporate grown up things. His expressions are so adorable that you won't forget or regret it. As the Baby Company CEO, he is a pretty good leader to the other babies -- especially while having the conference with them.

I like the sibling rivalry between him and Timmy that are exaggerated to an action sequence while they are just using household and baby items -- a successful merging of concepts to project a very good aspect in the relationship of the two boys which is very relatable among siblings.

In any sibling rivalry, there will come a point where they will deal on protecting each other just not to get caught by the parents or adults. It also very sad that they have to part ways after their mission. There's a Peter Pan situation here that we don't want Boss Baby to suffer. But since the boys have bonded in a very special way, I liked how things have ended in this movie.

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