March 16, 2017


More than 25 years since we experienced the magic of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. And the live adaptation featuring Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (Beast / Prince), Kevin Kline (Maurice), Luke Evans (Gaston), Josh Gad (Le Fou) and more will not disappoint when it comes to theaters starting today. It was still as magical and the musical experience it presented more than 2 decades ago will have you inspired and bring back the memories of childhood and love.
Prepare for a grandiose production. Beginning with the provincial life to the Beast's castle, the set detailing is amazing. The castle, accentuated with gargoyles, leaves and coils present the luxurious life of the Beast Prince. Even the provincial life where Belle is, gives a relaxing feeling of the countryside but a rude and nosy neighborhood lies in secret despite the peaceful atmosphere.

The theme Ballroom scene is definitely more magical. Equally grand with "Be Our Guest".
The Ballroom
It will be the delight to hear the songs "How Can a Moment Last Forever" by Maurice, "Evermore" by the Beast, "Days in the Sun" by the young Prince, which are all well-sung and heartfelt by the artists. Emma Watson's keys were a bit lower than the previous versions that we know of.
I think Emma Watson is bit underacting the role. Just my opinion on the grand "Be Our Guest" performance of the dining ensembles. She's okay for the role of Belle had she given more feelings on many parts of the movie. Luke Evans is great! Playing the conceited Gaston and makes him a good villain. Even the animated objects are more felt than the lead role of Belle. But all in all, I still have to commend on the great production effort made on this.

On the gay issue of the role of Le Fou (Josh Gad), I think it doesn't really tackle on his issues and attraction to Gaston. It just gives a comic relief on his role other than being a sidekick of the latter.

Beauty and the Beast is best experience on IMAX 3D.

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