February 8, 2017

THE LEGO BATMAN movie review

Lego sequel dedicated to the dark knight "The Lego Batman movie" takes you to Batman's personal, lonely life with added hilarious antics and lines that will hit right in the feels. I think this is better than the previous Lego movie that have to watch starting February 9 in theaters.
It doesn't take too long for you to love the movie. I remember every bit of it, from start to finish, I was giggling and laughing. Opening credits was already amusing. Batman is very conceited that he makes himself the reason why the others exist. The biggest reunion of our well-loved Batman characters and villains is already here. More than that, Warner Bros brings more of its characters in. I hope WB will produce an episode 1.5 where Batman meets Wildstyle before they meet Emmet from Lego Movie. There is also a very tough attack on DC's rival that you'll laugh your lungs out for the strong competitor.
Also, Robin is all of us. Fanboying or fangirling to our idols, almost wanting us to be adopted of some sort.
The one of the best things that happened here is the confrontation between Joker and Batman that is the funniest of all. This might be the first time that you'll pity him in your life.
I really wished that I could have watched it in 3D to appreciate the graphics more. I don't want to spoil you too much on what will be inside this movie. But as it is, again I'll say, you'll love it.

Now, I am excited for the next Lego movie. Here's the teaser:
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