November 29, 2015

MUSEO ORLINA: Through the glass

It was a day for the visual arts as I came upclose to a rising museum in Tagaytay City featuring the works of Mr. Ramon Orlina -- a one of a kind artist that gives eye candy with a clear perspective through glass art. Mr. Ramon Orlina is a recognized glass sculptor with works that can be seen in different parts of the Philippines. He is also recognized as one of People Asia's People of the Year for his creative works. Did you know that he is even nominated as a National Artist for Visual Arts, along with Carlo J. Caparas and others in the roster today?
Mr. Ramon Orlina - (L) portrait
His museum, Museo Orlina, is home to his best works and for new art to come which are for us to appreciate the effort and creativity that Mr. Ramon Orlina has put to his original pieces. Just located near the Olivares rotunda, the site is cannot be missed. Overlooking the majestic Taal Lake, the glistening waters also reflects and radiated in each and every glass sculpture inside the museum.
Inside this museum, you will see 4 floors of sculptures and paintings. A pure appreciation of visual arts from different artists collaborating in one extravagant display. There are also Renaissance-inspired pieces that you definitely want to take your photo with like this Pieta.
Across the halls are different pieces of Ramon Orlina. Lit from the center glowing like magic. The pieces were made from imported materials made into shape by diamond cutting. The piece is etched, smoothed and polished into remarkable art that we can see today.

More about Mr. Orlina. He is an architect by profession, graduated in the University of Santo Tomas. So that you can see the miniature of Quaddromontial, in memoriam of UST's 400th anniversary, in the museum. Busts of prominent personalities like Piolo Pascual and Corazon Aquino - not to mention an impression of Ms. Pilita Corrales' body leaning when singing is also seen in the display.
Mr. Ramon Orlina also has other collaborations with renowned National Artists like Bencab. At the parking area of the museum, there's a "Sabel" beetle.
Museo Orlina is one place where you can really express your artistry. Mr. Ramon Orlina also supports performing arts in the make shift garden stage located below the building. It also displays more art and can fit around 200 people celebrating music and art, plus the wonderful view of Taal Lake.
If you want to visit Museo Orlina, it is located at Hollywood Subdivision Rd., Brgy. Tolentino East, Hollywood Subd., Tagaytay City. Entrance is Php100 for Adults and Professionals and Php80 for students and senior citizens. Open Tuesdays to Sundays and closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. For bookings, contact Ms. Haidee Bedruz, (M) +63 906 434 0862 or (T) (046) 413 2581. (E)

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