November 13, 2015

BY THE SEA movie review

You may think that Brangelina as the power couple of Hollywood but in BY THE SEA, you will see them as tearing apart. A sad movie for couples but at least By the Sea opens up the resolutions of relationship problems.
At first, you will love at the certain part of France where they shot the movie. The blue waters and tranquil surroundings will make you want to jump out of your seats and dive in it. Not to mention that you already got Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just around the corner looking at you swim which is just like pure heaven for the fans. Then this very solemn and quiet vacation spot would make it in my bucket list as one of the places where I wanted to go.

In a bit, I got a bit concerned and pity to Brad Pitt's character. You will feel his sorrows with his wife, trying to hide that your relationship is tearing apart, and displaying to everyone being strong and happy. But little actions speak a lot of stories that's why he is noticed by one of his friends.
For a time, I disliked Angelina Jolie. Her character of slowly letting go of her husband for her some desires should not be served as a good example. But then I liked it how they've explained why she came to that point and strongly applauded Brad's character for keeping it intact with his wife. In short, you'll love Brad more here than Angelina. But the magical factor of these A-listers still don't overshadow the storyline that By The Sea aims to give to us.
This romance drama drew a thin line between fiction and reality and should really be seen by couples who are in the edge of breaking up. BY THE SEA is exclusively seen in Ayala Malls Cinemas starting November 18.
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