September 24, 2015

THE INTERN movie review

There's so much to love about The Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. Aside from being starstruck of the two, this flick will make you turn back to old school and appreciate it more with all the  factors happening in the environment. Reminding us the simplicity of life and striving for greatness and love for something intangible in spite of having the things that we want.
In The Intern, Robert De Niro's character, Ben, teaches us how to take things seriously and work hard for something. Taking the risk of applying for the internship, it gets us all excited of whether he would be able to take the job. He also gives life lessons, I wish we could get all of his quotes in the movie and apply it to our own lives. He also reminds us of the respect for the elderly, since they've known more and better than any of us. Of how director Nancy Meyers present his character from start to finish, you'll love and respect to Ben and even to elders because of his good character.

Anne Hathaway (Jules Ostin) on the other hand, reflects the people of today. We want things fast and given to us on the plate, resulting to neglect of the more important things in life. Clashing the characters of the two can leave us with either wtf* or aww moments that should be imbibed and carried on generation after generation. But she is an inspiring boss. Not bossy and develops great rapport with his colleagues and subordinates which I think can be good secrets of raising a company.
Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway
As The Intern is done in corporate setting, we can reflect on proper demeanor in the office as to how to present ourselves and to approach the other people. It's funny that it also gets to tap office romance and politics, opening the doors to how we should respond and resolve corporate issues. Good thing that Ben gained friends in the company.
Adam DeVine, Zack Pearlman, Jason Orley and Robert De Niro
The Intern is now showing in cinemas nationwide, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines). Watch and fall in love with the trailer again below.

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