September 7, 2015

RICKI AND THE FLASH movie review

Meryl Streep fans like me definitely love her more in RICKI AND THE FLASH as she gives off more of her singing and acting skills as an enstranged mother by her own family to pursue her rock and roll career. A happy go lucky woman that just rolled out her dreams and left everything of her obligation, Linda (Ricki) also changed her identity how she perceived everyone would want her to know.
Since the movie is partly musical, Meryl Streep once again proves that she can sing. With rock and roll as her genre, she can be a queen. Her growls and pitches are seamless and she's got good diction to match it with. She can also do a mix of country and pop rock and still sound incredible. She also rocks on a youthful glow with her long braids hairstyle and guitar skills.
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A touch of comedy with Kevin Klein, the dysfunctional family also touches the souls of everyone who will watch it. It is very advisable to reconnect with everyone in the family in this movie. It is just so very touching because it revolves around the story of a lost mother. This movie also aims to realize that we should be happy that we have one. It also wants us to reach out to every member of the family, no matter how we value our own selves, and to support and understand what they want to be. There's always second chances and they are always better.

RICKI AND THE FLASH also stars Mamie Gummer, Audra McDonald, Sebastian Stan, and Rick Springfield. Opening on September 9, exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas, distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines.
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