July 9, 2015

GoPro launches Hero 4 Sessions

This would be the smallest camera I've seen that is suitable for travelling and capturing adventurous lifestyle from GoPro.

Look how small the latest @GoPro #camera is! #Hero4Session #technology #tech #whatsnew #GoPro

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Called the GoPro Hero4 Sessions, is just a cube and could be the most portable camera you'll have. In case you're wondering what the specs are:
Enjoy the following features with it:
Check out this video taken with the Hero 4 Session and be amazed by the video quality and the possibilities that you can capture with it.

GoPro executives discuss the features of this newest camera that is out in the market. I haven't had any GoPro camera yet and keeping this video here for reference when I have one.
GoPro Hero 4 Sessions is already available and costs Php20,990 if you want one. Moduvi Inc. distributes this baby and all other tech needs that you may need when you'll get a Hero 4 Sessions camera.

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