August 14, 2015

an unfamiliar night in La Cage

I was again a stranger getting inside Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium to see the rerun of 9 Works Theatrical's La Cage Aux Folles. Though I knew the music and acts that are in store for this classy, fabulous musical, I am still in awe on the great efforts that is put into this production.
Well, nothing basically changed. But getting inside the theater gives a new ambiance that really immerses us in a bar, the lights, the works. Aside from that, Mako Alonso, PJ Rebullida and Arnold Trinidad takes on the roles that we all love from the first production.
Mako Alonso as Francis / Cagelles
PJ Rebullida as Mercedes
Arnold Trinidad as Mercedes
And then the show begins. The more glittery costumes for our lead couple, Albin and Georg (Audie Gemora & Michael De Mesa) and especially the Cagelles, reflects light and color throughout the room, catching your attention. Instead, they open your senses for the whole show not only visually, but also your hearing and emotional senses.
Albin and Georg still has that romantic chemistry and it's as if you will never really recognize the actors in their roles. They had projected a very exceptional performance that also reflects to the wonderful energy with the rest of the cast. Steven Silva gets better and better with his acting and now he is more comfortable with his role. Noel Rayos even brightens up the audience as Jacob with his different characters. Check every costume change that he will provide. The Cagelles are still as energetic as before and should receive the applause they deserve for those exhausting dances and tight costume changes.

For me 9WT's La Cage deserves a special citation for showing different kind of passion in producing such a show. A simple congratulations would not be enough for me to give to the team. But every standing ovation that audience gives can also inspire other productions to continue giving magnificent shows. Wigs off to everyone.
La Cage Aux Folles runs until September 6. For tickets and inquiries call 0917-5545560, 586-7105, Ticketworld at 891-9999 or email

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