November 17, 2014

Grease rerun!

Just two words to include in the title of this post. Privileged to see the come back of 9 Works Theatrical's Grease and it was guaranteed a new feel and totally different experience -- but the same fun and musicality remains with the combination of new and old cast members that will definitely bring you back to the most wonderful period of every student's life.
Top-billing the musical are Guji Lorenzana and Tippy Dos Santos who gave the younger and sweeter interpretation of Danny and Sandy. When generally, the whole cast were still close to the high school age, so that their takes on their characters are too close to what they feel. The new cast have internalized well. It's good to have Guji back into theater, and improved. Putting him in Grease has maximized his potential and he totally owned the role. Tippy likewise radiated in the stage for everyone with her fantastic rendition of Hopelessly Devoted to You and her even more amazing look towards the end of the show.
Photo from Happy Dos Santos Instagram Page.
Rizzo played by Antoinette Taus is very notable in this production. And would like to congratulate 9WT for getting her and her awesome talent in this show. Her voice fits perfectly to Rizzo's character and I think she got the #feels which made her more effective in the show. A definitely must-watch for all Greasers and fans of this lady.

Steven Silva, another 9WT newbie, won't disappoint as this run's Johnny Casino. He made a very wonderful intro in Grease's prom night and performance is indeed very high for Steven. The 9 Works newbies Gab Pangilinan, Alex Godinez, Nelsito Gomez are also great getting their own spotlights on Grease and I think they are definitely fit for the role.
With the fabulous sets and great memories of high school, Grease rerun is definitely a must-watch (again). More reason is to watch out for Frenchy's Teen Angel. We had JM Rodriguez and it was crazy! You'll have a better day with different Teen Angels each show. You'll have OJ Mariano, Franco Laurel, Michael De Mesa, Bo Cerrudo, and more.

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