October 29, 2014

Why GREASE rerun is good for your health?

The students of Rydell High are back and they welcome freshies in the field. 9 Works Theatrical's rerun of Grease welcomes Guji Lorenzana, Tippy Dos Santos, Steven Silva and Antoinette Taus as Danny, Sandy, Johnny and Rizzo. Along with Gabriela Pangilinan, Alexandra Godinez, Marvin Ong and Nelsito Gomez. And they have really neat things to share about joining Grease rerun.
For the cast, experiencing high school again through Grease is a very good opportunity and an enjoyable look back of what transpired during the best days of the teenage life, for everybody and us audience alike. They feel so alive at the presence of everybody. Steven Silva and Antoinette Taus also shared that being in the theater again is a blessing -- it has taught them the good discipline in  the productions and TV industry where they have been known from.
Guji Lorenzana is somewhat surprised since he is not used to singing and dancing that much unlike now in Grease. He is even proud that he lost weight with the dancing. Now I'm thinking of joining them next time as an ensemble. (Joke!)
Setting aside the comparison between their take on roles over Gian Magdangal's presentation, Guji promises that he will not disappoint the audience and mostly his fans. He looks up to Gian's great presentation but he would like everyone that he will own his character during this run.

For Tippy Dos Santos, being the youngest in the cast, is at the verge of experiencing both worlds, in Grease and school life. Recalling events in high school are still fresh to her and taking on the role of Sandy, she thinks would be perfect for her.

If there should be some point of their lives that deserve a rerun, most of them would say their high school experiences. The lessons learned from this point of their lives would be a great factor on their attack on the character. Director Robbie Guevara promises that this would be a totally different show, from character takes and choreography will be more fun.

This thought-provoking question had everyone's eyes on Antoinette Taus -- as she would entertain another rerun for love. Most of us would have thought of some events of our lives and would have concealed of the thought of Grease but she delivered a good point. Everybody would ask for a second chance at anything and a chance to rise up again.
Grease rerun presented by 9 Works Theatrical will play at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium from November 15 to December 7. For tickets, call 586-7105, 0917-5545560 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

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