September 5, 2013

THE WAY WAY BACK movie review

a feel good movie that encourages you who you want to be, is how i see it in Jim Rash and Nat Faxon's THE WAY, WAY BACK.
Duncan (Liam James), is a shy 14-year old who is locked in the family under his submissive mom, his mom's overbearing boyfriend, Trent and his daughter. spending the summer with them wasn't very easy for him until he finds Owen, a manager of Water Wizz, a water theme park work he also finds opportunities for his own improvement.
Liam James as Duncan
i guess the casting for this movie is one thing that i would really praise about. the story too would be very conveying on the message that a person makes the choice on how he wants people to treat them. as for Duncan, being used and bored to death of how he lives his life, he finally grew some balls to face any predicament. this is one story where you would hate Steve Carell for his character. you'll hate him on putting Duncan down, how Trent cheats his girlfriend and just how he puts himself acting as a father to Duncan. a very well-executed character that you'll put yourself into the situation and would not allow something to happen like that. sometimes, a person cannot face the change on his own, thanks to a person like Owen (Sam Rockwell) who opens up the potentials and makes you feel better, and better in the eyes of other people.
Liam James and Sam Rockwell (Owen)
this inspirational story would tell people that consider themselves losers will find ways to get out of their bad situation. this would be a self-help story that feature hope, love and step into the limelight of their lives.

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