September 13, 2013

ROBOCOP on the works for 2014

in total nostalgia over this movie coming in 2014. i have been a fan of ROBOCOP and it is nice to know that the movie will have its remake after nearly 30 years.
Official Poster
to refresh, Robocop is about a valiant law enforcer that was badly injured during an encounter with the wrong doers in his city. in order to preserve his especially the costume too. the gear has been upgraded and grew some abs, compared from the original armor. i just find it way cooler than the original as it was looking more metallic than a more human-superhero approach. not to mention that his guns go out of the thighs which is a great iconic feature. i also like it in black.

Samuel L. Jackson and Abbie Cornish star in this movie that for now i'm sure people would be lining up to the cinemas. distributed by Columbia Pictures in the Philippines. check out the trailer below.

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