August 9, 2013

THE INTERNSHIP movie review

watch salesmen Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) are out of job and they find themselves applying for an internship in the biggest search engine community, Google. in the presence of young minds, the two were outcasts and tagged as dinosaurs in the industry. left with a bunch of young people that cannot acknowledge their presence and skills, they had the chance to prove themselves in the field.
some notes to be presented in THE INTERNSHIP movie, aside from being a funny career movie, it was a dream changer for me as to pursue online career. what else to be loved at the Google office? creativity, app development, thinking community and most of all, FREE stuff! and the work place is at play. it also reminds us of the respect to any of your workmates at any instance. it also shows us to show our strength at any cost that will take us to fight any obstacle in front of us.

there are also a lot of work values demonstrated in the movie. like teamwork, friendliness and respect. though the interns go for a competitive-type of activities, each member were able to present their own skills and be able to raise them at any challenge.
i always find Vince's fluency at any movie he is in as if you can give in to his persuasion. presented in a funny way, you'll be hooked in his insistence of his ideals. he can make the audience buy tickets to this movie.

opening August 14, The Internship is presented by 20th Century Fox, directed by Shawn Levy. distributed by 20th Century Fox (Philippines)

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