August 16, 2013

THE CONJURING movie review

the most anticipated horror movie of the season has tested my bravery and i admit that i wasn't able to control myself in watching THE CONJURING. opening the most-kept secret of the Warrens, Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga), about a haunting in Rhode Island, creeps audience from the trailer up to its full length movie.

i was hesitant about going to the cinema and watch this movie. but i already had decided to push it through and besides, i have other cowards with me watching it, hehe. when i saw videos on documentaries about related topics on the Warren Museum of Demonology and the Annabelle doll, at least it toned down the scares in me when i saw the movie. it was another case of haunting and possession, which family members are greatly affected in the increasing terror of the demon living inside the Perrons' house.
i somehow believed that such paranormal occurrences may happen anywhere. and it got ever scarier when finding out that this was a true story. i saw James Wan's Insidious and i was really scared at it. i was rolling down at my seat when horror intensifies. accept the dare to see The Conjuring and you'll be sleeping with your lights on and a companion beside you. it's just that i'm so sleepy and i just ignored the scares.

the special effects are well done as well as the prosthetics. but i guess Insidious was a lot scarier than this. The Conjuring gives horror but in a surprising way that your heart won't skip a beat. for the actors, i appreciated Lili Taylor's acting as Caroline Perron who was gradually attacked by the demon. i wonder how she feels doing that.

there were some scenes that made me annoyed though i cannot justify whether it's needed in the development of the story no matter what. like how a daughter gets attracted to the Warrens' assistant and how the guard was lured in by a ghost. i just didn't feel it was okay. it was more scarier if they had made a movie where the Annabelle doll was terrorizing. she was just a medium to take a fight against Lorraine Warren, i guess.

one thing more, the movie greatly promotes Catholicism which is very much present in any movie that fights evil.
well you have to check it out in the movies which opens August 21. directed by James Wan, The Conjuring is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema. distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines)

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