August 7, 2013


and it was another adventure for Logan Lerman as the half-blood, son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson in the sequel "Sea of Monsters" that opens today in theaters.
Percy Jackson is off with Annabeth, Grover and a cyclops half-brother Tyson to find the Golden Fleece to save the protector that hides and keeps the Olympians from the human world. but in order to get that, they must go deep at the Bermuda Triangle or as they believe the Sea of Monsters. he also discovers more of his being as he fulfills his destiny of beating his evil great grandfather, a titan called Kronos, that will destroy all living things and devour gods.
i just had a great time watching this movie because of the story. it was at this movie that Logan Lerman grows. more at his older teens and now with more strength to show, being able to get more physical action in fighting his enemies. however, there should have been more focus on the editing. some scenes get drops of water at the camera which should have been omitted -- just to make it clean. but effects and all are good. i also just don't know if there's only one monster at sea, should had there been more instead of the big-mouthed creature? i also liked how the turning point to the sequel was presented. and how they made Percy feel fulfilled saving Thalia but uneasy of the consequences it may turn out.

all in all, it was a very interesting movie and it made me wonder how was it when i read the book. kudos to the director and producers, as well as the actors.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a movie from 20th Century Fox, distributed by 20th Century Fox (Philippines).
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