July 23, 2013

R.I.P.D. Rest In Peace Department

a murder to solve from the afterlife is how RIPD presents itself to the audience. a recently murdered cop Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is being recruited by the Rest In Peace Department - a police district of the spirit world which catches bad spirits lurking among the world of the living.
teaming up with Roy (Jeff Bridges), Nick stumbles in the action scene in a form he didn't even imagine but had no choice to perform the duty as a spiritual police officer. the world of spirits are filled with monsters and demons that hide in human form but our cops have this special detective capabilities to track them down, more so an advantage for Nick to hunt his murderer.
Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds (RIPD - Spirit-form)
James Hong and Susan Miller (RIPD Avatar-form)
more like an MIB in the spirit world, Rest In Peace Department R.I.P.D. coming soon to cinemas, directed by Robert Schwentke. also starring Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker, Mike O'Malley and more.

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