July 23, 2013

an heir is born! Royal Baby watched by millions

4:24PM of July 22, 2013, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton welcomes the 8lbs, 6oz baby boy at the St. Mary's Hospital in London, United Kingdom.
the whole world at watched, the gender of the baby was never announced in public until the baby is born. thus the birth of the new heir to the throne of his grandfather, Prince Charles and new-dad Prince William, made people betting.

the Royal Palace was happy of the new addition to the family and of course the wellness of the birthing of Catherine.

all everyone is waiting for now is the announcement of the name and the presentation of photos or the baby itself for public viewing. it would be a very exciting event but very difficult for the securities of the Royal Palace to keep the privacy of the family for now. but i would like to send my regards and well wishes now to the baby. i wonder how would the couple choose the name? would they follow traditional royal names like Albert, Phillip or others? or would it be more of a celebrity like? i remember David Beckham sent his interest and pushes that the couple names the baby after him being sports fans themselves. but who knows? :)

preparations are now on at Buckingham Palace in welcoming the royal baby. gun salutes and great feasts await.

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