July 10, 2013

DESPICABLE ME 2 movie review

and so Gru comes back with his adorable minions and adopted daughters in this cute sequel of Despicable Me. Despicable Me 2 tells us the life of a converted Gru (Steve Carell) from a madman to a reformed father to his 3 daughters. the former villain living a peaceful life was off to another adventure that would either put him back to his old self where he's comfortable while the life of the people he loves is at stake.
with a classified mission to take down a villain that wants to rule over the world, Gru experienced dilemmas that may affect his personal life. a kindling love story of his recruiter from AVL (Anti-Villain League), a woman named Lucy, which his adopted daughters easily got along well with; and a young love sparking with Margo. but with Gru's strong will didn't stop him to fight against these problems and brought back the people, and minions, that he love.

in this movie, we'll see that Gru has turned up more to be a family man, now that he has a woman to cherish with. started with providing for Agnes' birthday party, his skills and gadgets and also made ways of making the family affair more exciting.
of course, the Despicable Me experience is not complete without the fun and cute minions that will entertain you from start to finish. there's really something that makes these banana-eating potatoes adorable. we'll have more look of Gru's minions at work, at play, or at mission, and how they got most of the spotlight in this sequel.
as a whole, Despicable Me 2 gives out the strength of Gru and exposes his weakness in relationships. how he makes his persona to be protecting what he has. a less villainy Gru now trying to save the world that makes him a better father image.

Despicable Me 2 is now showing in theaters, and distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation. don't forget to stay until 3 scenes during the credits as it would be fun with minions. i guess there'd be another sequel. hmmm.

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