March 30, 2013


finally seeing it before it ends the theaters is the movie that i very much anticipated. OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFU from Walt Disney Pictures made me to like it even more than the trailers. though others may have seen it and didn't like it, i don't know how would i explain it to them but the movie was really good.
if you're basing the story from two books, Wicked from Gregory Maguire and Wizard of Oz from L. Frank Baum, of course you'll in for a great disappointment. but connections have been very very close from L. Frank Baum's book.

politics is a very prominent issue in the story. sisters Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Theodora (Mila Kunis) are in conspiracy to rule Oz. notice the dynasty going on and they are agreeing over one brain that is greater evil. greed and power is what would Evanora has been eyeing for quite a long time. while Theodora, the more vulnerable one, takes her revenge from a heartbreak with Oscar Diggs. earlier manifesting her weakness of decaying in water, the Wicked Witch of the West likewise afraid of new things that happen in Oz.

the young wizard, Oscar Diggs (James Franco) gives a new perspective of how we knew the Wizard of Oz. the jolly carnival magician was indeed a womanizer, attracting beauty around him. a clever man, his resourcefulness caught him to make the people of Oz to believe that he is the actual wizard they expecting. the lesson, never fail anyone and forget to doubt yourself. you create your own destiny and aim for greatness.
with all the high production value with the beautiful set and costumes invested in this movie, i think there might be some flaws, however, in the actors' execution of stunts. flying Glinda and Evanora seem like they don't have balance in their weights and looked like they're wiggling on air. i just didn't imagine that Glinda had fogs as power. on the positive note, items are consistent in connecting with the later scenes and gives a clear rationale in the development of the story. right now, i am more excited on how they immerse Dorothy and her three comrades in connection with Oz.

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