January 7, 2013

LIFE OF PI movie review

in this world where people are in doubt of God, Academy-Award winner Ang Lee presents a wonderful adaptation of the LIFE OF PI. opening our eyes on religion, life and peace and how it correlates everything around us.
well, India for one is a very spiritual country and the LIFE OF PI showed big differences in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. though these religions separate each other's beliefs, there is only one fact that dominates them, the love and search for God. Pi makes everyone think of our own faith regardless of religion we're in. in his context, God is present at all things. He is present watching, He loves us but doesn't spoil us. He wants us to come to him and be of service and not to ask for our own benefit. this manifested in his survival in spite of danger with a tiger companion in the wilderness.
production of the movie is quite amazing. from the presentation of the storm waves up to the unexpected nightscapes will give a glorious view of nature. a perfect watch on 3D and with your family. Suraj Sharma as Pi was also given the biggest break of his life in this movie. but don't expect a Bollywood ending.

starting January 9, find yourself in this magical journey with Pi as he discovers his purpose, finding his strength and an unlikely friendship. LIFE OF PI is distributed by 20th Century Fox, directed by Ang Lee.

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