December 15, 2012

LeVon products for every Filipina

have you ever dreamed of a white fair skin? how about healthy hair? the Filipina beauty is exceptional but people still search for products that will keep them young and radiant. other than that, they want protection from free radicals of the environment. these concerns can be answered by W1N International's beauty products that you have to try.

with LeVon products, healthy external beauty can be manageable. with natural ingredients which have undergone extensive study by Elizabeth Pavlovic and her team, the products are guaranteed safe and effective. Ms. Pavlovic is also the proprietor and supplier of major beauty soaps and beauty products in the health and beauty retail stores.
one of which is the LeVon Glutathione Lotion with Moringa leaves helps in whitening, moisturizing and revitalizing your skin. with SPF 20, you are also protected from the sun while Glutathione whitens your skin from deep within.

LeVon also has a hair essential product which protects the head from dandruff and other hair concerns. your crowning glory is protected by LeVon. if you want overall cleansing, protecting and whitening, LeVon has 2 soaps that will provide good results. one of which is a 3-in-1 soap with Kojic extract, Glutathione and Calamansi. that's triple ingredient for a whiter skin. plus, calamansi, a very staple fruit in the Philippines will give your body vitamins that it needs.

these products are not mainly out in the retail stores. but if you want to get the results and also an income opportunity, W1N International will be able to help you. you may inquire at Unit 2701, 27th Floor Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City and a W1N representative would be glad to assist you.

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