December 2, 2012

a netizen's choice: GMA NEWS TV

so there's a writing project about the netizens choice for their favorite TV station. with the network "wars" (if there really is) happening among fans, i would be really proud to say that GMA NEWS TV gets my vote on this one.
as all the other stations (ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA7) strive to collect fans through their entertainment talents, there would be 3 reasons why i choose GMA NEWS TV.

1. programs are informative - it's a given. programs which promote Philippine culture, individual development, achievements on any aspects, we will truly be aware of what's happening to our surroundings. GMA NEWS TV not just deliver the news, they bring substance to the material they deliver.

2. balanced journalism - with such programs that involve controversial topics, GMA NEWS TV promotes balance arguments by taking both views from involved parties. the point of view is left to those who sees it but judgment is served by greater authority.

3. programs that push viewers to action. - sensitive subjects address not only the government [but mostly it is] but the concerned citizens that may be able to help those in need. the aim is to see the realities of the Filipino people.

4. it's on free TV. - the information they deliver doesn't have to be kept in private. that's why i admire GMA NEWS TV for its fearless exposition of issues and cases that surprise us.

this vote i hope isn't a killjoy to any other entries submitted. there were not guidelines to choose among the 3 giants on Philippine TV. i think people would think that this post would be really off of the choices where people choose only for the networks capitalizing on entertainment. GMA NEWS TV would really lead its league for news channels. don't get me wrong why most of my latest posts are angled to another station, that's a different story.

if you want to vote for your favorite TV station, this writing project is held by, and there's still a lot of time to vote for your favorite TV station. try to read this post and follow the mechanics.

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