September 6, 2012


Star Cinema gives back to the fans as it celebrates the 10th year anniversary of the most-anticipated love team on screen. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo in a bolder and more experimental movie in their career, The Mistress.
The Mistress was developed under the inspiration of giving a movie to Bea Alonzo primarily. and the story developers under the direction of Ms. Olivia Lamasan has put a better story that will also carry the message of love, according to writer Vanessa Valdez. and not the usual story of love, The Mistress comes in a 4-sided love story and Bea Alonzo top bills the title role.

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo

did John Lloyd and Bea miss each other? they do. they always looked forward of doing another project but it was never imagined to be more mature. in their last movie, Miss You Like Crazy, though they both play as career people, they were stuck in the romantic sweetness and stopped going to the next level.

John Lloyd's role as the lover of Sari (Bea Alonzo) gives a more interesting twist to the story as we are accustomed with just only 3 people when we talk about the mistress. here, he goes to the scene and tries to take away Sari in the wrong relationship she has entered. but Sari gives in to the affection but having second thoughts of leaving her other lover, played by Mr. Ronaldo Valdez. the romantic scenes were not really hard for the two but it came very naturally, with the tested relationship of the two onscreen, they have been very comfortable and supportive of each other for the benefit of making a good movie.

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Bea Alonzo admits she felt a little awkward doing the scenes with the husband, but the veteran actor has guided her and made some acting advises so that they can execute the scenes very neatly. director Olivia Lamasan has been very satisfied with the results of every take.

The Mistress will provide a story of love, anger, sorrow and fighting for love. but would the two be able to resolve the trials? find out on September 12 in cinemas nationwide.

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