August 13, 2012

hypocrites or ignorant?

earlier this year, "Run for the Environment" organized by National Geographic has caused outrage among Facebook users addressing the runners and even NatGeo of the ignorance of the cause they promote. runners have been throwing paper cups along the street after water stations during the course of the race.

i say, they only see a half of the story. so when i attempted to join a run, thus called Regent Fun Run, sponsored by Regent Foods Corporation, i really asked and understood the organizers and runner that it is really unfair to be tagged as hypocrites. of course, i ran the event and i am admitting that i threw paper cups but i am responsible of throwing it to the proper place. this is because i saw it in this post.

i would like to make this post in defense of the organizers. first, the run is to celebrate the 25 years of Regent Foods in the industry. though fun runs collect fees, the perks have been very rewarding. of course, they would put down a negative post in their page, who would want that on their faces, right? the people complaining about it i think never knew what the run is about. that's why i cannot help to comment on their post telling them that the organizers have been very responsible to clean up the garbage. and besides, part of the proceeds will go to Philippine Red Cross. i guess that you didn't know about.

so i hope next time, these people should do their research. they themselves have causing damages to other people. geez!

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