July 3, 2012

MUNDO MAN AY MAGUNAW bids farewell to fans

the stars of the hit TV series Mundo Man ay Magunaw looks back to the success and moments making the teleserye at the set. the series makes its closing in two weeks time only at ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network.

the cast of Mundo Man ay Magunaw
present at the press conference are the main cast led by the empress of drama, Empress Schuck, together with Nikki Gil, premiere actresses Eula Valdez, Sylvia Sanchez, Ms. Tessie Tomas Ejay Falcon, Emilio Garcia and Jason Gainza. each actor had bonded with each other and letting go the show is very difficult for them. the exchange of ideas and dialogues has been very memorable. veteran actors applaud the young talents in their professional character and skills and saw greater potential as ABS-CBN will provide them with prime roles that will help them shine.

Empress Schuck, Eula Valdez, Sylvia Sanchez, Ejay Falcon
young stars, on the other hand were very thankful in the experience that they were able to work with Tessie Tomas, Eula Valdez and Sylvia Sanchez. most of them got teary-eyed discussing the precious moments in the set and that all of it will come to an end. Empress Schuck even asked if it's possible to have a book two after almost 2 seasons that Mundo Man ran.

Mundo Man ay Magunaw creator and writer, Salvador Royales, is very impressed with the outcome of this teleserye and how it was embraced by the viewers in its 6 months of running. the impressive skills of the actors were a revelation to him as well.

catch the last two intensifying weeks of Mundo Man ay Magunaw from Monday-Friday at 2:30PM after It's Showtime. for more information, you can visit www.abs-cbn.com or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter or like the Mundo Man ay Magunaw Facebook page.

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