June 28, 2012


i wonder how they came up with this but Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter might be an interesting retelling of the history of the United States before it's 16th president took the oath.
based on history, he led the country at the great American Civil War and ending slavery and promoted economic and financial modernization. with his achievements in the political setting, and was assassinated by a Confederate. in the movie, he will be vanquishing vampires with his ax -- a known symbol for the poor and brave. Abraham Lincoln will use this to eliminate vampires who are about to take over the United States.
if the vampires would symbolize Lincoln's rivals, are they the Confederates or the bureaucrats who remark Lincoln as a threat to their reign -- and would bring back the slavery at the south of the Union where there are more Afro-Americans and white British slaves. or maybe it's just one of the vampire movies but now, these writers are sick of vampires, they wanna kill them all. haha!

Benjamin Walker plays Abraham Lincoln who also starred in Flags of our Fathers and The War Boys. directed by Timur Bekmambetov and written by Seth Grahame-Smith, based on the novel of the same title. opening July 4 worldwide by 20th Century Fox.

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