May 1, 2012


over ten years had passed when Jim (Jason Biggs) together with his men goes back to East Great Falls, Michigan for their long-awaited high school reunion. and as soon as they reunite, these men may been out grown the things they had from high school. the guys had matured but never forgotten the memories then.
with Jim and his wife Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) have been experiencing some bed problems. Oz (Chris Klein), on the other hand may have a successful career as a sports commentator in Las Vegas; Kevin is a settled house husband with his French wife and Stiffler works in a global accounting firm.
they might have transformed to people they can be proud of but their obsession with sex and relationships hasn't changed. still doing their own things with themselves or with past relationships. that's where all the funny things from high school go back. have you still remembered Jim's video which circulated the internet? and even Mr. Levenstein's sex advises to Jim. what's more, you'll have more younger chicks that will drive the guys to trouble. in case you noticed, Stiffler would be enjoying a lot.
jokes are still common but they didn't fail me to laugh out. Jim and Stiffler are still the best guys that delivers all the funny things. Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Oz and Kevin would be the more serious type. all in all, the story goes about friendship and having fun in life. but don't let age be a barrier in doing the things you love. watch it and you'll see more than the three pre-installments. you'll never expect who ends up with who.

American Pie: The Reunion opens on May 2, 2012 in Philippine cinemas. brought to us by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Company. this movie is rated R for sexual content and pranks.

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