February 9, 2012


little kids that talk like adults and big adults who act like kids bring the fun in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown happening February 11 to March 3 2012 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City. from 9 Works Theatrical, a musical set into a lighter mood and tone that can be appreciated by the kids.
i haven't read much of the Peanuts comics by Charles Schulz that's why i was very entertained by the lines and songs of our lovable characters Charlie Brown (Robbie Guevarra), Schroeder (Tonipet Gaba), Lucy (Carla Laforteza), Sally (Sweet Plantado), Linus (Franco Laurel) and Snoopy (Lawrence Martinez) who brought back memories of childhood and also helped us realize some facts of life in a very funny way.
the 5 kids are resemblances of people around us. Lucy, for example, uses her loud voice to give orders to have things her way. Carla Laforteza gave it a good shot being Lucy. and Snoopy, though maybe a dog, almost left behind, had some thinking that may be out of this world. and Lawrence Martinez gave it a powerful portrayal. different profiles are shown in this very wonderful musical.

they had a very nice set too. the very colorful and comic-y set transforms our casts into the very characters of the Charles Schultz hit.
indeed, happiness is present in all simple things. just learn to appreciate what you have in instances and live with it. having a pencil or maybe a brother that will take your worries away and bring you comfort.

watch the video below to give you something that you can watch out for:

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