November 19, 2011

HAPPY FEET TWO movie review

the penguin musical is back! now Mumble (Elijah Wood) faces fatherhood to his son, Erick, in the awaited sequel, Happy Feet Two. brought to us by Warner Bros. Pictures opening November 23, 2011 in Philippine theaters.
cute baby penguins are quite an eye-candy. and in this movie, they will have special song and dance numbers in the contemporary music like dance and hiphop. you'll want to squeeze their fluffy cheeks and hug their muffin bodies like pretty stuffed toys.
back in this sequel are also the lovable Ramon and Lovelace (Robin Williams). as before, Ramon is still a hoping romantic wanting to take on female penguins regardless of its kind. Lovelace continues to increase his fellowship and now testifies under a new guru.

like the previews Happy Feet movie, environmental awareness and conservation is addressed. the co-existence of humans and the penguins of Antarctica also shows that some activities might put creatures in danger. and also you'll feel like watching National Geographic in the view of a lot of penguins. they also display their natural instincts of helping each other, keeping each other warm during snow storms etc.

there's also some "insights of life" from the krills (Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) which sometimes we might be ignoring but might have some sense to others. find out what they are.
enjoy the penguins with your family in theaters. watch Happy Feet Two starting November 23, 2011 in cinemas. available in 3D and 2D formats by Warner Bros. Pictures - a Warner Entertainment company.

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