May 9, 2011

living for 100 DAYS

if you were asked, "what if you only have 100 days to live?" the generic answers would be: forgive everyone who sinned you, travel a lot, live healthy, pray for another 100 days, donate to charity and everything good that you would think. but those who have a lot think about it. but what if you come from this kind of home:

they have been suffering for not just 100 days of their life. it's a lifetime. they want everything to improve, to be easier, to be a breeze. just like what Ana Manalastas had experienced and had made her stronger through the years. strong enough that she doesn't care anymore of what others may feel. she had become terrible in the eyes of others.

when she died in an accident, she had been rejected from Heaven and brought back to earth for a chance to correct what she had done. and she would do also the same things i've mentioned above. now she have to deal with everyone... as a child. to fulfill her mission with only 100 Days to Heaven.

this values-filled comedy-drama will try to capture the emotions and teach a valuable lesson to each and every viewer. starring Ms. Coney Reyes as Ana Manalastas, the insensitive and practical boss, who falls down from Heaven and Xyriel Manabat, as the young Ana Manalastas who will do the mission and learn something from it.

on May 9, lives will be changed and values will be formed. watch 100 Days to Heaven after TV Patrol World in ABS-CBN Primetime. Kuha mo?

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