May 25, 2011


Philips, the leader in musical accessories in the Philippines has recently launched a new innovation which is perfect for the active and sporty users.

the new Philips On the Go earphones are next thing to personal entertainment. including the good benefits of Philips earphone like noise minimizer, the new On the Go earphones has a sanitary feature that keeps it clean. you dont have to get icky when sharing the entertainment and fun.

the Philips On the Go products have the best feature on the planet yet. aside from giving you the best sound quality, it can survive water. the new Philips On the Go earphones can withstand sweat and moisture as you do your workout. just after using it, you can rinse it under running water and pat to dry. that way, you can use it over and over again without damaging the device.

haven't convinced yet? why not ask Karylle on what she can say about Philips products. she has been chosen to represent Philippines for the search of the next Philips global ambassador. this is in line with the promotions of the hit web sitcom Nigel and Victoria which is running on it's second season this June.

you can watch Karylle's journey into being one of Philips' global ambassadors. and check out Nigel and Victoria by logging to

Karylle has had a good career and she would be perfect for the job as the new endorser for Philips products. well-trusted by many, a music-lover and good reputation in the industry, no wonder that Philips made a good choice.

you can also follow Karylle's everyday life by checking out her blog on Yahoo OMG! and her Twitter account @anakarylle.

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