April 2, 2011

RIO movie review

from the makers of ICE AGE, get festive with Carnaval in 2011's new animation, RIO! featuring the voices of Jesse Eisenberg as Blu and Anne Hathaway as Jewel.

a lot of issues were subliminally portrayed in 20th Century Fox's RIO. a survival of an endangered specie, illegal trade of animals and child labor. all issues go back to one single source, poverty. every aspect has been weaved to put on a story that will have a good fun impact on the audience but i hope it can also send the messages that i've seen. most of all, the action that should be done by the Brazilian government to address these problems.

Blu is the only blue macau left on the planet. he has come to Brazil to find his mate. and being an endangered bird with great value, they have been captured and supposed to be sold at trade. trying to escape, Blu's mate Jewel discovers that he cannot fly since he was domesticated for a long time. Blu has to overcome this dilemma to get back into sanctuary and propagate his specie. he comes to know different birds, and even befriending a bulldog. on the other side, whole of Rio de Janeiro is preparing for some fun in carnaval. everything gets twisted as his owner searches for him.

there's also candid appearance by current famous iPad game, Angry Birds. this time, they are in 3D. it is also great to see it on 3D.

i love the soundtrack with all that samba and festive music. this is one great musical with birds and colors. Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am also did great for the voices of their characters that gave fun to the movie. not to mention the greatness of setting it in Brazil.

RIO will be showing on April 7 by 20th Century Fox.

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